Monday, September 7, 2009

Is Stealing a Smart thing to do or a Stupid thing to do?

Some of you will say that Stealing is a Smart thing to do and some of you will say that stealing is a Stupid thing to do. For me I will definitely say that Stealing is a Stupid idea.

Last Thursday my son went over to a friends house to play. He left his bike on the side on the front of the house. The side of the house is also an entry to a
park. About an hour later or so, when my son went to get the bike, the bike was stolen while he was playing in the house. I was cutting my front lawn when he walked home with his friend to tell me that his bike was stolen and that the Police will be over their house soon to take the report. My son wanted me to go over to his friends house and wait for the Police to come. My friend's mother told me to go home and if the Police needed anything, she will send the Police over to our house. The Police did go to their house and took the report of the stolen bicycle and left. We didn't have any picture of the bicycle at home to show the Police officer even if the Police Officer had come over.

Whoever stole my son's bicycle is going to find out there is just one problem with
that bike. The brakes on the bicycle is broken and needed to be repaired. We have
already repaired the brakes one through the bike shop. We had the brake repair so
that my son can take it on his Boy Scout camping trip. The brakes broke on his
Boy Scouts camping trip trying to ride through the hills.

When I was a child growing up in the early 1970's, I was about 11 or 12 years old,
my Adult Three Wheel bicycle was stolen in the backyard of our house. The bike was
too big to put in the shad or in the garage. We didn't any bicycle lock for it.
I know you could say why didn't we get a bike lock for it. I didn't think anyone
wants an Adult Three Wheel bicycle while most people ride two wheel bikes. Why did
I have a Three Wheel bicycle? Because I have Cerebral Palsy and I can't ride a two
wheel bicycle with my balance problem. My bicycle was never recovered and my son
who I told him about what happen said he had a hatch that someone stole my bicycle
for revenge or angry with me. I told my son that I do agree with him because I
remember at times I was doing things and I don't know if I ever tick of anyone
doing anything they didn't like. You know children do things that are very immature
but I didn't think I did anything that would cause anyone to be angry or revenge on
me. I got a new one for my birthday and that one wasn't stolen but it was damage
years later in a hurricane season. I will never forget the bicycle that was stolen
from me. That happen way over 35 years ago and I know I will never ever recover
that bicycle living in a different city. It was stolen when I was living in
Hampton Virginia and I now live in Alexandria Va.

Not only my bicycle and my son bicycle was stolen at different time and different
era. My son's friend mother told me that she borrowed one of her friend bicycle and that bicycle was stolen as well.

So this is for people who steal anything including any bicycle. I have a question
for those who steal, is stealing a smart thing to do or a stupid thing to do? If
you think stealing even a bicycle a smart thing to do, how so? Was it smart to steal
to sell to someone else in hope to make money when you were not the person that
brought the bicycle or the item you stole? Does it make you feel good to make money
on things that isn't yours and yet you don't even care about the victim you stole
from? How would you feel is someone stole your bicycle and sell it or burn it or
damage it for whatever reason? Sure, the bicycle or item can easily be replace with
a new one. But do you know what the problem is after you have stolen the item? Even
if nobody caught you stealing the bicycle or anything, there is one person that has
already know it was you that did and you can't hide from that person. It is not
the Police or the neighbor who watch you. It is God that is watching you 24 hours
a day and 7 days a week. On the day you pass away and face your judgement, God will
question you on why you stole the item or the bicycle. Even if not of value to you,
it is of value to the victim. Sadly, what is done is done. Any person that does
any stealing is not very smart and has officially done a stupid thing. There is
nothing to be proud of stealing something that doesn't belong to the person that
stole the item.

Oh, I will tell you a true story based on stealing. One woman went away on vacation
and when she came home, there were many items stolen form her house. A few weeks
later, she happen to saw a yard sale in the neighborhood. She saw her items were
for sale and the man behind the yard sale was arrested for selling her items. The
man wasn't smart to break into her house and selling her things.

Anyone who reads this blog and thinking of stealing something or has stolen sometime
that belongs to someone else, think twice about how would you feeling if you were
the victim of someone stealing something from you. Stealing is not a good thing to
do and it is a shameful act of doing so. There is definitely no pride or anything
to be proud of stealing anything. If is stealing is to hope someone else buys the
item and you get the money. You never deserve the money you make on selling something
that you stole from someone else. Even if you are desperate for money, get a job or
find an honest way to make money instead of stealing.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that John's bike was stolen, and your's earlier in your life. I had a bike stolen when I attended Thomas Eaton, didn't lock it which was my fault.

I enjoy reading your blog, but get real - give up on the Redskins!



crime pays said...

really... god. as a deterrent you think that that will stop me from stealing bikes from kids do you realize how much money you can make lifting kids bikes and selling them i pay my rent groceries and still have money left over and the best thing is not once has anyone so much as bothered to stop and give a second look at me when i am walking with two or three bikes at a time both with cracked u locks. haha wounder what johns bike helped paid.

Jim said...

To Crime pays said...
You have correct me on one part,
God can't stop you from stealing
John's bike to buy what you need
including cracks and food and
so on. That is a lot easier for
you to do than honest people who
earn money to buy things. Yet
I still see it as a stupid thing
to do in my opinion.