Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Purpose Driven Life and Me....

I was sick yesterday with a Stomach Virus probably due to my daughter was sick and I took care of her this recent Tuesday. Yesterday I was sitting bed and thinking about things I have done mainly on the computer and life in General.

My daughter is 6 years old and she wanted to help me while I was sick. I did not ask her to do anything but she was very helpful making sure I was okay.

Anyhow, there is a book called "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. The same pastor who was at Barack Obama event when he was sworn in. Forget about what you think or believe of the conflict of Rick Warren. He has written a book that talks about what is our purpose in life is on Earth. What is yours, other people, people all of over the world purpose is life is and how it is related to God. God plans everyone life for those who follow him and believe in him. He knows when you were born and he knows what exactly all of us are doing now, tomorrow, next week and so on. He plans things for all of us. You can ignore this blog and go do just about your things. But you can't hide from God no matter what you are doing.

What I have been doing on the computer is more than shameful to myself, my family and to know it is now what God wants to see. I have been going to Adult website which is wrong. You can get the picture. What is wrong with those website? Oh I know they are pleasure to look at and so on. They are out there to entertain people.
They have every rights to be out there for those who care to look at them.

For me, I come to realize after a while of doing it, it was totally wrong. It is as addicted as nicotine because it was a hard habit to break going to those websites.
So I decided to delete all those favorite links to those website from my computer.
I felt it wasn't right to continuing doing those things knowing that God is recording what I am doing in life. There was no life and no purpose for me to continue to access those websites.

Yes, the internet is a very dangerous world that has tons of many interest and things to explore. I do know that what I am doing is not only being watch by God but the Government. What you are doing on your computer is your choice. But keep in mind that the Government is watching you and everyone else. You have probably read stories of people getting arrested for going to website that has Child Porn, download pictures or for trying to talk with a young child on the internet hoping to met that person some where. Once you go met that person, you find out it was a federal agency that you were talking with and you got arrest for doing so. Once you get arrested for any crime related to the computer, you earned a ticket to Jail.

The computer is not a Purpose Driven Life. It is just a machine and you don't necessary be at the computer 24/7 means all the time. There is more life than the computer.

My family is more important than the computer and those adult websites. As Rick Warrn book says, God knows exactly what I am doing now and what I will be doing tomorrow. I know he did not drive me to those website but I went to those website as part of Freewill. We are all free do do what wish on Earth.

One last thing, I leave you here with a link to a Chick book to share with you that talks about how God record your life and what happen after you die, the choices are up to you. Here is the link:

Just as you know even through you believe your name is in a Book of Life to go to Heaven does not necessary mean you are going to Heaven regardless what you do with your life. It is how you live your life is what God wants to see.