Sunday, March 11, 2012

Prayer and praying...

I know one thing that is very important in life and that is to pray to God when I need to talk to him about anything. God does listen to prayers 24/7. That means 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

I even pray to God on many issues and many things. When I was young, I did pray and tell God that I don't think I will ever get married. Why? Because I have Cerebral Palsy and I am hearing impaired. Who would want to marry a person like with my condition? When I looked out in the society, what do I see? Many different kinds of people being married. They are young and old people and of course variety of kinds of people. All the people that are married are unique to each other and love one another.

Sure, I been with different girls. One time I went to the 8 grade dance alone and there was this girl that didn't have a date. I didn't date her but she wanted to dance with me a couple of dance. She even put her head on my shoulder a few times during the dance. I never ask for her name but had a nice time.

A second girl I met in New Jersey while I went to Northern Burlington Junior/Senior High School. that school had two different school in the same location. My brother Paul went there as well and graduated from there in 1979. Prior to that, I had a leg operation at New York Hospital for Special Surgery. The girl help me a lot by carrying my books for me. She was a nice person. In the summer of 1979, I had to move back to Hampton Virginia because my Father retired from the Air Force.

I went to Phoebus High School in Hampton Virginia. During my senior year before I graduated in 1981, I met another girl who was a cheerleader and she had a locker next to my locker. From time to time, I would talk with her but I never ask her out. I didn't get my high school senior picture taken or go to the High School Prom. Too bad I didn't date her but she gave me a nice graduation card. I don't have the card anymore but I will never forget because she did it very unique beyond my surprise. That will always be a part of my memory.

Lastly, I met my wife in College. I ask her out on date and we had fun. She accepted my disability. I have been married for more than 20 years to my wife. Marrying my wife proves me wrong that people are willing to marry someone with a disability. God proves me that I was wrong because he help me with all these girls to prove to me that it was my heart and my personality that all these girls like and did not care about my disability. They never did judge or stay away from me because of my disability.

Saying the prayer to God as he listen and with his time, he showed me again after again through all these girls that I was wrong about what I was thinking.

One more miracle on prove that praying does work. When I was born in 1962 of Cerebral Palsy, I could not walk. My mother's mother who is my grandmother name Nanny. I am sure other pray that one day I would be able to walk. I was able to walk for the first time when I was 6 years old. God answer Nanny's prayer when I started walking for the first time. She was thrilled and happy I was able to walk.

Give it a chance and pray to God. God would love to hear you pray to him and he wants to hear from you. God loves you like he loves me. I thank God for listening to me and helping me.

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