Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ohio Shooting and Forgiveness....

Here is the link to the article for you to read and I will comment after the link:


It is sad that three people have died from the shooting. One thing I do praise the Mother of her son who forgives the shooter for killing her son. The reason for that is because the shooter cames from a bad upbringing and had has broken laws in the past. When those things has happen, the shooter didn't get help he needed to prevent more crimes that happen. His Father has been in and out of Jail.

Like in the Bible, one a disciple ask Jesus how many times must we forgive others, he said 70 times 77. That means we must forgive others for what they have done as Jesus would forgive us for what we have done.

That doesn't mean I want the charges drop against the shooter or that he should be free from what he has done. I simply pray that when he goes to Jail even life without Parole that he gets help for what he has done. He knows he isn't perfect and I hope eventually he will feel regret for what he has done and learn something from it.

One last thing, Forgiveness is hard to do but it will help knowing that while you forgive someone, God will also forgive you as his way of showing Love. If you don't forgive others, then God can not forgive you because he would treat you the same you have treat others.

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