Thursday, September 8, 2011

National Disaster events....

Greeting. You read on the Internet and see on the TV all those national disasters
such as for example:

1. Fire in Texas
2. Flooding in New York and Pennsylvania
3. Flooding in Vermont
4. Rain from South Carolina to NY from Tropical Storm "Lee".
5. Earthquake that happen in Virginia but felt from Georgia to Canada.

And many other different things. I know the Fire in Texas might not be a
National Disaster if started from Arson. But dry air and wind could possible
start a fire in the forest.

Anyway, why are all these things happenning? Do they happen because the
weather wants to do these things? Does Earth decides where and when to have
an Earthquake? Does the rain decided to pour more water and make flood
happen anywhere it wants to?

People do get angry and upset about all these things are going on. People cry
and get confuse and don't know what to do. When people see these things,
do they think it is a sign of some bad will happen? Who knows what would
happen tomorrow, next week or even in 2012 or the future.

But in my opinion, God is doing these things to test us to see how we can
handle these things. People in Japan has has bad disaster and even Earthquake.
I feel for them and sad to see what they are going through. Even with thier
economy not going well, they manage to deal with it the best they can.

Every single of of these things are a test and God will continue to do these
things and even more. These things aren't as bad as in the Bible story
"The Book of Job". A man was test by the Devil and lost everything and
had many bad things to happen to him. He got angry at God for what was
happening to him. God told him that what he was going through was simply
a test. God wanted to see Job trust in God and pray to God. We should do
the same. We should be praying to God to help us deal with these things to
survived. God is always there all he wants to hear from us. God is not
abandoning us. If we ignore God, God will be very disappointed like he was
with Job.

Please pray to God and have faith with him. He is testing us and he loves us.
Things will get better with help from God with patient.


hokiedude said...

I disagree. I think that these are all random events; prayer would help people in their time of need but how many of these events were caused by say, global warming? God didn't create that, man did by polluting the environment. And earthquakes are caused by the shifting of seismic plates, which happen randomly and can't be predicted. If some bozo in Texas started a fire knowing that it would get out of control because the area is dry, or a careless smoker started it, you can't attribute that to God. That's my opinion.

Jim said...

hokiedude - I post your comment as I accept your opinion. Thank you for sharing your opinion.