Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church and Picket....

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I don't understand this Baptist church support the shooter, picket funerals and says that Jewish kill Jesus. Well, when Jesus was on Earth, he knew it was his time to go to die on the Cross. God planned all of that to show his love for all of us. If Jesus had not died on the Cross, many different things would have happen over the years. Jesus would have been around on Earth for probably over 2,000 years if he has not yet died and gone to Heaven. I could not image that would be something. Moses lived for 800 years before he died.

We all die at a young age between birth to maybe 100 years old. Death doesn't have any age and it doesn't have an appointment schedule on when a person will die. The person will die when God wants the person to come home.

Anyway, back to my point on the Westboro Baptist Church. Who are they that picket funerals? They probably will picket the 9 year old funeral as well. None of those funeral deserve to be picket. They all got shot and died from a person that is now in Jail. I would have a hard time if I was the juror in his trial. But clearly what he did was wrong. I know God isn't happy with him for what he has done.

I have been to two different Baptist church and they are nice people and are nice churches. I wonder if Westboro Baptist Church forgot one very important commandment: "Thou Shall Love Thy Neighbor"? I don't think picket is Love and I know God would not picket funerals. All I got to say is shame on the Westboro Baptist Church for picket funerals even if they do it because of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly. I guess they can get all the attention they want but definitely not showing any respects for picket the funerals.

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