Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year...

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Happy New Year to everyone that read this blog. I hope the year 2011 brings many wonderful things to all of you.

The only key thing for 2011 to make it easier for me is to not make any new resolution or goal to make. To make any goals for 2011 would be hard for me to do. Any goals that are made can be easy to break or easy to remember as a goal. I mean goals can be forgotten to make.

If there is anything I wish for in this world would be Peace on Earth. That would be impossible with all those bombing, killing, rapes, murder and many different crimes that are going on in this world. All those things are happening because of "Free Will". What do I mean by "Free Will"? I mean we are free to do what we want even if it is right or wrong. We can break laws, revenge on people, kill another person and so on. I would never ever encourage anyone to do any of those things I mention. Even if you don't get caught doing it, it will catch up with you after you have died. It will be on your judgement record that God will show you after you have died. You can run anywhere you want in this world, escape getting caught and or escape going to court for the crime but God is watching every move you make. You can laugh all you want about what I
have said. But if you have read the Holy Bible and believe in Jesus Christ and God, you know your judgement will occur after your death. You all know Jesus Christ died for our sins but things we do in life, they are a part of our life record.

In my life, I have done things that I regret but never broken any laws to go to Jail. Of course, I have gotten traffic tickets and paid the fines.

As for extreme terrorist who thinks all the bombing and the killing they do is to their believe is "Allah" to God as they think God wants them to kill people will be wrong once they died. The Holy Bible show loves as "Love One Another as God Loves You". Not kill one another. Killing anyone will never solve anything. And of course killing yourself or commit suicide does not solve any problems as well. If you ever think about doing it, get help or talk with someone that can help you. I know of two people in the past that have committed suicide and I never knew they would do it.

Anyhow, I wish all of you a Happy New Year and thank you for reading my blog.

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