Friday, October 29, 2010

Election on November 2nd....

I know that I plan on voting next Tuesday. But I am not going to trust the
electric voting machine. To give you a reason, please read the following
article in the link:

Once you have read that, you can see that a person press all Republican
but prior to pressing "Vote", the system automatically changes his votes
to all Democrats.

I fear that is going to happen next Tuesday because the Democrats are
afraid to lose their seats during the election. Either the candidates or their
party set this up for next Tuesday election. As nobody will ever know if
that will happen. Even if after pressing "Vote", what would happen if the
system still changes those answers to the opposite party? Someone can
program the system to make sure more votes go to Democrats than
the Republicans.

So in my opinion, the best way to show honest election is to go back to use
paper ballot in my opinion. If people can honestly fill those out the proper
way, the system can't can't what is marked on the cards. If they do a recall,
the paper is far better than the computer. But I hope it does not happen like
it did in Florida a long time ago.

The bottom line is I hope the election comes out fair and honest next Tuesday.
But if there is any cheating by either party next Tuesday, the election is
declared a Fraud. Even if that Fraud helps the Democrats maintain the
control of the Congress, they shall be impeached for the Fraud election. They
will be dishonest politician that they will have their worst nightmare that it
is very possible that huge Protest far worst than Green Tea party will rebelled
against the Government. Enough rebelling that they want to overthrow the
Government. I hope that doesn't happen but anything is possible.

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