Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Democrats and the Election...

Below is the link of two different locations that some how the voting machine
sets up for the Democrats to win the election and they are:

1. In North Carolina, one person went to the booth and chooses all Republicans
but before the person click vote to verified the information, all the Democrats
boxes were checked instead of Republicans. Here is the link to the story:


2. Here is one in Nevada for the election of Harry Reid. A voter complained
that his name is already check before casting the ballot when the voter
voted for the Republican party. Here is the link to the story:



Now that you have read the stories, the Democrats don't want to lose their
seats in the Congress. The Democrats wants to control the Congress and
destroy the Republicans party. In 2008 election or prior to that, have
you ever heard of any Republicans party did that at the election? What
if it was reverse and the Republicans did that?

I don't think it is fair for the voters to lose their rights to vote for
who they want to vote for no matter what party. For one big Party in the
Congress, the Democrats don't want to see the Republican take back control
of the Congress. There are voters that aren't happy with some of the things
the Democrats did like for example, passing the Health Care Reform and
passing the taxes on to us. For example, right now in the Health Care Reform,
you will have to pay Home Sales Tax after you sold your house to help pay
for the Health Care Reform. Do you want proof, here is the link to the


I simply want the election to be fair for the voters and not to have
the machine favorite one party over another party. One more thing, if
you all are thinking about the Democrats using a scare tact that says,
A vote for the Republican party is a reverse to President Bush time is
completely wrong. It is now 2010, two years the Democrats control the
Congress and the White House. President Bush only left the White House
with 1 trillion dollars deficits, The National Deficits is now 13.04
Trillion Dollars after Health Care Reform pass, the Bank Bail out and
the Auto Company Bail out spending. The Democrats spend my money on
things I never ask them to spend the money. Now sadly, we will be
carrying on the deficits for the rest of our lives and including our
grand children in the future. Thanks the Democrats for the mess.

I hope the Election next Tuesday is fair and square. If the Democrats
wins back Control of the Congress, you can kiss your Freedom good bye
since the Health Care Reform has pass. Since it is passed, it force
all American to have the Health Care Insurance by 2014 or we will be
paying penalty at tax time for not having insurances. That is not
democracy, that is totally "SOCIALISM".


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing those links.

I first learned about that today on FB. It was unbelievable, no source.

Should one voter asked the election judge for help to correct that prior to voting after verifying their choices?

Will that happen to the mail in ballot, or is the mail in ballot safer?

On my FB page, someone said that they asked for a paper ballot because they have the right to that choice, then, after filling that out, that person return it, and the election judge submit it to the machine, and the voter asked, "hey why did you do that". I forgot the reply.

Voters needs to be assertive and not let the election judges be bully. If voters feel that something is wrong, investigate, complain, but do not let it go without reporting.

By the way, in Colorado, there is Amendment 63 on the ballot to prevent Colorado from enforcing Obamacare from forcing its citizens to buy health insurance. I hope it pass. We shall see.


Jim said...

BigBenFactor -

I just hope the election comes
out clean next Tuesday without
any problems. If there are problems, then in my opinion,
it is because the Democrates don't want to lose their seats in the Congress. That is not a fair
election if that happens. I
certainly hope not.