Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cell Phone back in 1928 ?????

Take a look at the following website:


That was from a Charlies Chaplin movie. It is hard to believe that the
Cell phone was way back then. It makes me wonder, what? How the hack
did they know that will become a future techology? Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

My opinion is that it may be superimpose as hoax. If that is not the case, I sure as heck do not know what else. I like to see why that disappears. Transitions?



Jim said...


Yep, it is so interesting that
they come up with this idea in
the movie. It puzzle me how
they did this and now we have
the cell phone. Grins.

Anonymous said...

I emailed your blog to my friends. I talked to a friend on VP about it. We discussed the possibility.

Tesla demonstrated wireless through in 1894 (learned in class and Wikipeda). Govt. could thwarted it, cover-up. We can guess it. Anything can happen including slip up which was caught on tape in this movie.

Too bad this blog is not getting enough readership, now there are copy-cats.

I will leave it to the conspiracy theorist.


Jim said...

BFF - Thanks for sharing this with
friends even through VP. That
issue will always remain a
mystery as well a shocking to