Monday, July 26, 2010

Helping others in hot weather....

This will probably be one of my short blog you have ever read but it does
have a point of helping other people in Hot Weather.

I was at a car dealership waiting for the van to get repaired this recent
Saturday. The weather man warn us that it was going to be a very hot humid
day in 100 degree. I was sitting in a lounge chair in the car sales
department. I was a Spanish man sitting on the step waiting for the bus
to come. I said to my self, there is no way I am going to let him sit out
in that hot weather and not be cool in that weather. So I got out of my
chair and brought a water bottle. I went to give the water bottle to the
man. The man said "Thank you". I have him a thump up and left. I know my
speech is not good with Spanish people because of ascent.

Anyhow, what I did was in a way call Pay It Forward, Help others in need
and they will help other people in need. God wants to see people doing
this. I am glad I gave the man a bottle of water instead of waiting for him
to have a heat stroke or a heart attack in the hot weather.

I don't care what his purpose was or where he was going. I am glad I did
that. Every single one of us on Earth no matter who we are or what we
look like, we are all Children of God. God created all of us.

If you can help others, God will surely appreciate it and so will the person.
It shows that you care. Perhaps one day later after you do that, you just
never know someone will help you like returning the same favorite.

Please try this and watch how much the person will appreciate it. If the
person does not appreciation for it, just let it go as God will know you were
doing what was right.

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