Thursday, June 10, 2010

House Repairs....

It is true that owning a condo, townhouse or a house comes with a repairs
through out the time of living in the house. That is no laughing matter.
That even include a new house after a one year warrenty.

House repairs that I have not done yet but will do it when I find the
money is the Air condition repair. Yeah, I know I will have a hot summer
but somehow I will find the money to get it repair. It is not cheap and
I can't repair it myself.

Another problem came up yesterday was that water dripping under the house.
The Ground is still dry and I had the Fireman come to look at it. I called
the Plumber and they will come out today to fix it. I hope it is not too
expensive to repair.

One thing about any place you live that requires repair, learn to expect
unexpect things to happen. It will happen when you least never expect it
to happen. When it does, good luck getting the problem fix and getting
the problem repaired.

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