Monday, May 31, 2010

Environmentalist Group are insane......

I know I will probably get backlash from the Environmentalist Group (EP) for this
blog post. They are one of the biggest threaten group that is so power and
yet they don't really care about our needs.

The EP group goes after the Congress and tell them not to support drilling off
the Coast of the United States worrying about the dangerous of drilling like the
Oil link in the Gulf of Mexico. That is the first time that ever happen that the
explosion happen and all that Oil link. Overseas that has the same kind of Oil
drilling and pumping Oil out of the ground does not have this problem. There are
other companies in the Gulf of Mexico that does not have this problem. The
technology for new Energy cars and so on are on the drawing board and takes a
long time to be put on the road. They are working on it and by the time they
hit the auto industries and tell us to buy those cars will have some kind of
problems with them. The EP group is forcing us to do thing to please them.

Yeah, I know the population is a man-made thing and is bad for the environment
yet the EP group is going after all of us to please them.

Take for example, the environment new light bulb that is suppose to last 7 years.
But they don't last that long. If drop the light bulb, you have to worry about
Mercury damage compare to a normal light bulb. That is not good but that is
what EP wants us to do.

Well, I have my worst nightmare two weeks ago and I have to thank the EP group for
this. My Air Conditioner outside Fan Unit broke and I had the Air Conditioner
technician looked at the problem. He said the Compressor broke and it would cost
about $ 2,650 to replace. Great, I don't have that money. On top of that, the
man said he would not put in a new compressor in a 6 years old unit. I ask him
why and he said the Fan Unit is not Environmental compliance and not worth putting
the compressor in there. Let see, six years ago, I paid approximately $ 4,000
for a new Air Conditioner system. Now news flash, a whole new Air Conditioner
system will cost me Whipple about $ 7,600 to have a system that is Environmental
Compliance. Once I pay that money, the government will give me $ 1,500 money back
as a part of home improvement and for meeting the Environment standard.

It doesn't matter if I go to another Air Conditioner company for comparison
because they will tell me the same thing that their technology is up to Standard
for Environment Compliance.

So, how do I know this? I did research online and here are two proof:

1. Go to the hardware store and look at the Appliance area, you should see a
poster saying Government will give you a deductible for replacing your old
compliance to Environment Compliance such as 300.00 to replace the Heat Pump,
I think 600.00 to replace your old appliances and so on. How is that for a

2. Here is an example of Environmental Law on the Air Conditioner link

So that means I can't put a new compressor in my Fan Unit because it is not
Environmental Compliance. In the meantime, I will have to keep looking for
an answer to the air conditioner problem.

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