Friday, November 6, 2009

NY Yankees and anti-Yankees Fans

Sigh. Here comes a subject that is ongoing and will never end and will never please everyone everywhere.

The NY Yankees won the 27th World Series Champion in Major League Baseball (MLB).
The last time they won the World Series was in 2000 against the NY Mets. That means it has been about 9 years since the last time NY Yankees won the World Series. Congratulation to the NY Yankees for winning the World Series fair and square. Anyone can argue that they don't deserve the Champion. But to the eyes of the Umpires and to the eyes of the Major League Baseball Commissioner, they have won the Champion.

For those who are upset that the NY Yankees won the World Series including the Phillies fan, you know the Phillies blew it with Pedro Martinez and Brad Lidge who are both pitchers for the Phillies. The Manager of the Phillies should have not let them pitch to the Yankees. You also saw some of the errors that the Phillies made on the field against the Yankees that they should have not made. Those things causes the Phillies to loses the games. I do know that the Phillies are a good team and they are bound to be back in the World Series next year.

I am tired of hearing about all those people being upset about the NY Yankees winning the 27th Champion. There are a lot of teams that are just as good. Off the point, how bout this for a thought, the Boston Celtics has won 17th NBA Champion and they may win their 18th Champion? I know that is not as nearly as 27th as the Yankees. Even the Montreal Canadians have won 24 Stanley Cup in the National Hockey League.

I would not make a big deal about the NY Yankees winning the 27th World Series. Why?
Because it is only just a number. That doesn't prove that they can beat every MLB
teams and they certainly not a perfect team even with the highest salary baseball team. If they were so perfect, they couldn't win the first game in the World Series against the Phillies. They didn't beat the Angels four games straight to the World Series.

Every baseball season is different and every team is different. The 2009 NY Yankees had some old players that did play against the NY Mets that won the World Series back in 2000. I am surprise the NY Yankees kept some of those players. But it took them 9 seasons to get back to the World Series. I remember they almost made it two or three years ago when they had a 3 games to 1 lead over the Boston Red Sox. But the Boston Red Sox came back and eliminate the Yankees. I think that was the year Boston Red Sox finally won their World Series in a very long time.

For those of you that are upset with the NY Yankees for the 27th time, I suggest you look forward to next year as a hopefully better year for your teams. Nothing in the history book is going to change how many World Series the NY Yankees win. I don't care because it is just a number as I have mention. Being angry with those who are happy that NY Yankees win isn't going to make anything better or change who won the World Series. It will build just built more stress on those who are angry. It is not the worst thing in the World that the NY Yankees win or the biggest thing in the world. I would say whoopee because it only happen in 2009 and it just plain baseball history. History stays in the past and there are better things in the future. Look to the future and to next year baseball season. I hope we can all make peace about this and move on to next year.


Anonymous said...

At any cost, it would make perfect sense for MLB to order a disbanding the yankees for a long while till all the other teams catch up to their numbers. 27 wins of world series tells you that it's a need to be disbanded or else replaced with inferior players.

You know, when Chicago Bulls won too many back to back games, the NBA ordered the team to be broken up and replace with players who were less quality. It was in Chicago's best interest and keeping the NBA teams fresh and honest. It also keeps the interst in the NBA alive too.

I don't expect Pittsburgh Pens to repeat the wins. Nor the Steelers too. But any team that wins more than 3 wins ought (whatever or not back to back wins) to be disbanded and replaced with less quality players.

Jim said...

Anoymous - You got your post and I know what you mean regarding the Chicago Bulls won three straight champion with Michael Jordan and Scoot Pippins. I believe Phil Jackson left the Bulls because he was burned out. He should have stayed retired than keep coaching the LA Lakers. But coaching a
basketball is in his blood. Even
Bobby Cox has been managing the
Atlanta Braves for so many years that the Braves did won the NL East Division for 14 years before it crash about 4 years ago.

As for the NY Yankees, prior to this year, they did not win the World Series until 2000 against the NY Mets. So NY Yankees did
not win it 27 years straight but with different team members. I believe only about three or four members of this year NY Yankees had from 2000 World Series Champion. All the other players were new to the team.

So next year, I hope things will be different. I wish all the
baseball team the best of luck.

hokiedude said...

Anonymous has it wrong. The Bulls were not disbanded. Players left, you can't disband a team because they win a lot of games. Disbanding the Yankees makes no sense, either. The Celtics have won more NBA championships than any other team but they've struggled too and it was a long time before they won their most recent one a couple of years ago. I think every sport should have a salary cap, especially baseball. That would prevent George from excessively pouring millions of dollars into his beloved Pinstripes team and give all other teams a better chance of fielding equal,maybe even better competitive teams, in baseball and in every other sport.