Monday, October 12, 2009

Nominations for the Worst NFL Awards....

Please read the following as a fantasy show and then read my comment afterward:

"Welcome to the Worst National Football League (NFL)Award Shows where the award is giving to the Worst of the Worst in the NFL.

First up: Nomination for the Worst NFL Worst Owner and the nominating are:

Dallas Cowboys Owner - Jerry Jones
Detroit Lions Owner - William Clay
Carolina Panthers Owner - Jerry Richardson
Washington Redskins Owner - Daniel Snyder

And the winner is - Daniel Snyder of the Washington Redskins

Next up: Nominations for the NFL Worst Head Coach and the nominating are:

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach - Wade Phillips
Detroit Lions Head Coach - Jim Schwartz
Carolina Panthers Head Coach - John Fox
Washington Redskins Head Coach - Jim Zorn

And the winner is - Jim Zorn of the Washington Redskins

And finally, the nomination for the NFL Worst Quarterback and the nominating are:

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback - Tony Romo
Detroit Lions Quarterback - Matt Stafford
Carolina Panthers Quaterback - Jake Delhomme
Washington Redskins Quarterback - Jason Campbell

And the winner is - Jason Campbell of the Washington Redskins

Thank you very much for watch this brief show and now here is the editor of this blog:

You know, the Washington Redskins has an owner that ever since he owns the
Washington Redskins, he can't bring the Superbowl Champion to the Washington Redskins team and let alone the Fans. Daniel Snyder has no clue how to select the right Head Coach for the team and let alone, not even Joe Gibbs could do it for the team. I have tons of respect for Joe Gibbs but the owner don't even know exactly how help the team. As long as Dan Snyder is the owner of the Washington Redskins, he will never bring the Superbowl to the Washington Redskins team.

Washington Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn did all kinds of things with the team and I don't see how he is a good head coach for the team. He was the Quarterback Head Coach before Daniel Synder picked him as the Head Coach. When Jim Zorn was the Quarterback Head Coach, he did different drills with the Quarterback including using big exercise bouncing balls to be bounce at the Quarterback to teach the Quarterback how to avoid being tackle. That didn't seem to help Jason Campbell. I don't even see a miracle that he can help this team make the playoff this year.

Washington Redskins Jason Campbell had been the Quarterback even since Joe Gibbs was the head coach two years ago. I don't see anything magic that Jason Campbell can do as the Quarterback of the team. He holds the ball too long to allow a sack to happen. He can't run the ball a couple of yards to help the team. I am not proud of seeing Jason Campbell as the Starting Quarterback of the Redskins.

My overall point of this blog is that I wish the Owner of the Redskins wake up and stop acting like a Clown of the team. If he can't do it right next year in 2010, I would like to see him sell the team to someone that knows how to help the Redskins win a Superbowl for the fans of the team as well as for the team. The team needs help badly and I know the team is hungry to be in the Superbowl. Until the Owner of the Redskins picks a good head coach that finds a better Quarterback or until the team makes changes as a better team for the rest of this Football Season, the team should go ahead and plan on being the Worst team in the NFL for already losing to Detroit Lions and the Carolina Panthers. Up next, the Kansas City Chief.

If the Redskins loses to the Chief, they can go ahead and join the rest of the
worst teams in the NFL.


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion. Coach Edward Hottle ought to be hired away by the Washington Redskins. Since Hottle has no respect for the Gallaudet University Bisons or our tradition of the drum, it's time for him to leave. We need a more responsible coach that understands the deaf and the use of the drum.
Hottle can run the redskins the way he's running our deaf team now. They want him GONE!

A Byrne said...

Sure, the Redskins have problems, but so do a lot of the other teams especially those with worse records. But hey, we have it covered. I turned on my Redskin's lamp this Sunday and the team won! Daniel Snyder can put me on his payroll, or at least pay my electric bill for about three hours every Sunday, eh?

Jim said...

A Byrne - Don't count that lamp as
a lucky lamp to help the Redskins
win the games. Being 3 and 6 with
no chance for Playoff tells me that
the Redskins is still the worst
team in the NFL. The reason? They
lost to the lowly Lions, Panthers,
and the Chief. There were no
excuse to lose to those three teams. That is just my opinion.

Andrew said...

Yeah, well bro don't give up on the lamp yet. It is 1-1 so far and would be 2-0 if the Redskins could learn to tackle in the last 3 minutes. If I can find my timer it will have another shot on Sunday.

AByrne said...

The Panthers are playing a lot better and the lowly Chiefs beat the current Super Bowl champion. And, there are still teams that are playing worse football than the 'Skins. Sure, they're a lousy team but certainly not the worse team in the NFL. Don't be a fair weather fan.