Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Driving is insane...

You may think the topic is way out of wack. But what I am talking about driving
just about anywhere is insane.

No, I am not afraid to drive but I find that no matter where I drive, there is
always something going on that is insane.

For example, at a Traffic light on Route 1 in Alexandria, Va. There are three lanes
at that traffic light. The first lane that goes only left turn at the traffic light.
The second lane is either to turn left at the traffic light or straight across
the street to Walmart Shopping Center. The Third lane is strictly to turn right
at the light to drive North on Route 1. Okay I am in the middle lane to make
a left turn at the light. The light turns green. As I was turning left at the
light from the middle lane, the car in the third lane also turns left at the light.
So that means three cars are going left at the light. Actually the lanes as driving
to the left, there is three lanes but that third lane is to turn Right at the
second light on Route 1 South. So do you think that is insane that a third car
would turn left at the light? I believe so but there was no police car to catch
that person for violating that sign.

Another example, I am in the right lane and following the car in front of me. Of
course I have to keep a little distance in case the car in front of me suddenly
stops or turns at the last minute. I can't trust cars in front of me. As it says
in the Driver's motor vehicle handbook, the rule of thumb is to count 1001, 1002,
and 1003 as to know if you are in the correct distance between your car and the
car in front of you. No, I don't those numbers but I can very well guess how much
space to give between me and the car in front of me. The person behind me does not
like what I am doing and thinks I am going slow. So what does that driver do? Goes
into the left lane, passes me and then move over to drive in front of me. What ever
happen to common sense of space between cars. i wasn't driving slow but I was drive
the exact speed limit plus perhaps 5 miles above the speed limit. I don't consider
that I am going slow at all. People now a day don't care about space and will always
think I was going slow. People are rushing and have no patients for those kind
of things in traffic. They tend to be late and wants to rush to where ever they
need to go to.

As for the last paragraph, I know one thing for a fact, there are people that don't
ever intend to follow the speed limit no matter where they are driving. For example,
I know one road that is two lanes and a four lane traffic with the speed limit of
40 miles an hour. In the early morning, there is hardly any traffic on that road.
Instea of going 40 miles an hour, I have hit about 50 miles an hour but there are
drivers on that road that is going 55 or more. How do I know, when I am going 50,
I can tell one is going 60 miles an hour or higher by passing my car plus the
distance they are going as they are speeding down that road.

There will always be someone that is in a hurry, driving in and out of the traffic,
passing cars and cutting cars as if they don't care. Oh yeah, those people are
gamble to hope to get into a car accident to surely make tons of money.

Once a person gets a driving license, they do what they please and forget about
what they have learned to get the driving license. Like when approaching close to
a traffic light that becomes yellow, the person speeds to pass that yellow light
in order to avoid stopping at the traffic light. I did that onces but the traffic
camera caught me and send me a ticket for running the red light even when it comes
on, the camera caught me going through the Red light in less than one second. I
didn't think I would get caught but I was caught.

So no matter where you drive, there will always be someone driving insane and are
the ones that hope they never get caught by the Police. They take too much pride
in being rude in traffic as if they don't really care. They think they have every
rights to do as they please when they drive. They disobey the traffic lights and
the speed limit. Even if they are behind you and you stop at the traffic light
instead of running through the Yellow light, they will honk their horns or flash
their car lights or make a fist or a mad face to show their displeasure on how you are driving. Shame on them. They will regret it when someone else does it to
them later on. Those kinds of things the other driver does will never make the
road safe.

oh well, enough thoughts on this topic as you get the picture.

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