Friday, July 10, 2009

Phish and Scam Emails....

Here is a blog that topic that should be address to anyone who read this blog.

I have receive plenty and more than plenty scam and phish email. What are phish
and scam emails? They are emails where people write such emails as with the following
titles and messages:

1. Congratulation - You have won $ 100,000. Please send your name, address, phone
number and so in a reply email.

2. From the Director of FBI - You have been awarded 1,000,000 in funds from another
country. Please send information in a reply (The same kind of questions as listed
in Number 1.)

3. From a Relative of a love one that died - Please be the next of Kin so that I
can get the money out of the bank and I will award you so and so amount for
assisting me. Please give me your contact information in a reply email.

4. BUSINESS REQUEST - A person send an email saying they have a proposal and
they need your help collecting money for them in the United States.

You get the general idea of the kinds of emails I mention above. Any emails that
ask for any personal information from you like your name, address, phone number or
any personal information that you never thought they would ask like your checking
account number and son are red flag emails.

Those emails are phish and scam. The best advice is to simply delete them and do
not answer them. If you do answer those email and give out your information, you
will guarantee be ruined financially. I never even bother to answer those emails.

I have one more Scam that very popular that you should be aware of. It is when you
receive an email like from Bank of American, AOL or from a Bank in England saying
that your account has been loss and they need your personal information like your
credit card information or your bank account information in order to reactivate
your accounts. When you get those email, forward those email to the Fraud department
of those place. They would appreciate your assistance and will one way or another
look for the person that is sending out these email and they will try to track down
the person who is doing this. Again with these type of emails, never give out your
banking information, credit card information, or even your social security number.
They are death traps that you don't want to fall into.

I hope you have learned something from reading this blog. Thank you.

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