Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Day and Unexpect Deaths.....

This blog has two different subject: Mother Day and the second one is on Unexcepted Deaths....

First one -

Happy Mother Day to all the mothers in this world that deserve a very special blessing day. All the mothers in the entire world deserve to be given thanks for all the wonderful things they have done to raise their children and helping their children raising their childern like they are the grand children. Without mothers, life would be living. Without mothers, there would be no children to help other children grow in this world. All children in this world today are our tomorrow future. The Children we have today can developed new technology in the future for better living for ourselves and for future generations to come. So Mothers, be thankful that you have a special day today as you deserve it.

Second One -

Unexpected Deaths. This morning my family and I went to church. There was announcement when saying prayers of those who passed way include the Priest's brother who died unexpectly this morning of a heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital and the Doctor could not revived the heart from the heart attack. It was sad news to me because it reminds me of a death of my older brother, Paul who died of a heart attack at the age of 41 back in December of 2000. The last time I saw him before that was at Thanksgiving time in Nags Head, North Carolina. Nobody expect my brother Paul to pass away of a heart attack. I know as well as some of you do know that the easy one of people that die commonly is of Cancer, or those who have serious injury like in the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital of those who have injury that are life threaten as are expect to die, or those with real health situation like having internal bleed and organ that are not working and shutting down. All those kind of situation, we know the person will die and I almost forgot to metion people who take overdose of medicine or drugs and die from it.

All those people who have heart attacks, those people did not see it coming and that their life was cut short because of the heart attack. They never had a chance to say good bye and they never knew that their time on Earth was up. They never knew at that moment that God has decided to take them home to heaven like he did with my brother, Paul.

Sure, some of you just walk around and doing things not know that you can get a heart attack unexpectly or die unexpectly in other ways like a neighbor I know died last year on Thanksgiving day. She was outside and fall backward. She hit ice and broke the back of her head and I guess the neck. She did die unexpectly. Nobody knew she was going to die at that time. It wasn't fair to her husband that she died before he did unexpectly. She never had a chance to say 'Good bye' to him and to others.

Death can come at anytime, any hours, any day and even when you least unexpected it to happened. That is exactly what happen to me when my brother died back in December of 2000. I wasn't expected it and it was of course shock to me. My dad died in March of 1999 of Liver Cancer which that expected but surely I did not expect my brother Paul to die about a year and a half after my Dad.

Do yourself a favorite and enjoy life as much as you can and love people around you including your family. You and I just don't know when our time is up and when we will die. That is the most unexpectly thing to happen in life is Death. Death has no age and it has no appointment. God wants us to enjoy life. God gives life and he can take a life anytime he wants. God is in charge of all of this. Even if he takes someone home via a heart attack, he still loves the people he took a person from. I know God loves all of us unconditionally.

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