Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Coldest Cases from NTID.....

Today topic deals with two actually coldest cases out of NTID which stands for National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, NY. I ain't talking about any murder cases but cases that to me is beyond my understand why in the world NTID can't even solved them. If they can't solve them, then only God knows the answers to those cases. I will explain how with God at the end. So now on with the true cases:

Case No. 1: The smoke bomb between Tower A and B in 1983. This happen during the Summer Vestibule Program. I was living in Tower C that associate with Tower A and Tower B at the time. When it happen early in the morning. I was told to wait in another dormintory. I don't recall if anyone got hurt or sick from the smoke bomb. Camput Saftey did their share of work trying to figure out who set off the smoke bomb and they never found out who did it. It is like a scar to remember this event with no suspect ever caught. It wasn't a laughing matter when it happen and it isn't a laughing matter remembering it even today after it happen almost 26 years ago. Even the current President of NTID, Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz doesn't have the answer. I have ask him last year during the NTID 40th anniversity reunion and he doesn't even know. That is a cold case that hasn't be solved even to this day.

Case No. 2: A laptop was stolen from NTID last summer in July that has the students name, state of their residency and their social security number. According to NTID, that information is being used for research purpose and has all the students record from 1968 to approximently year 2007 students records. The laptop has not been recovered and the students social security numbers are still out there. Anyone who has that laptop could use the students social security numbers to do things like apply for a loan and so on. I don't recall signing any papers prior to NTID to allow them to use my social security numbers for research purpose. That is a violations of privacy in my opinion. I never knew they were using my social security numbers for research purpose or put that information on a laptop. I have never heard of any other colleges or university having their laptop stolen with students records on it including the students social security number. I have a guts feeling that who ever stole that Laptop knows about the laptop prior to taking it from NTID. You could put 5 laptops on the table and know what is on which each one. You would take the laptop that has the most information you needed and leave the other four laptop behind. So that is the point as who ever knows what they were looking for did take the laptop with the students record for their gain or whatever purpose. Why hasn't the Rochester Police Department, FBI or campus safety ever solved this problem? Social Security numbers are federal property because we use those numbers to file for jobs and for our income taxes. Social Security number comes from the United States Goverment means it Federal numbers. They come from the Social Security office which is a federal agency. Why can't NTID find this missing latop? Have they forgotten to install Lawjack alarm system to find the laptop? I mean the same kind of alarm system that is installed on new cars to help find stolen cars.

Anyhow, with those Coldest cases from NTID, the only person that knows the answer is God. God is recording things everyone is doing in their daily lifes. Once the person dies, God shows the video of what the person has done with their life. God will question to person on why did they do those things. I don't think God is laughing about the smoke bombing event or the laptop being stolen. The person can't take the laptop to heaven when they die. The person can't hide the smoke bomb event that they did at NTID. Everything in life is being recording even what I am doing now.

Whoever those people are that did the smoke bombing and the laptop, should come forward to face their punishment on earth as being truthful prior to their death on Earth. If they don't, God will reserve whatever punishment he can put on those people. I wouldn't want to see what those punishment might be even the worst punishment is being thrown in the "Lake of Fire" for lying to God and doing bad deeds. I would not want to put myself there because that is a second death means the end of my life for good. That would be end of seeing good people that are in heaven.
That will never be a laughing matter.

I wish these cases were solved to put NTID at peace and put these event in the past. For anyone who read this and did the crime, you have your choice to either come forward to face the punishment and ask for forgivenees from the society or face God and see what he would do to you for the crime that you have done. I am one of those that is willing forgive the criminals because criminals do make mistakes and learn from mistakes.


RLM said...


Whoa! I could understand your own anguish about your personal data, ex. SSN out there for someone do the identity theft and damage your credit ratings, etc.

Why file a lawsuit against the NTID for their security lax precautions to prevent anything happen in the first place?

That will fire up the NTID's rear behind and do something about it!


Sherlock Steve said...

I will say this, NTID hasn't said anything of a progress about re-securing our personal data info other than throwing us information to put a credit check policy of our info through some major credit companies.

But you are right. The person who did the smoke bombs in the NTID dorms thought it would be fun and a joke. If he was ever caught, he should be glad he wouldn't face the enhanced acts of terrorism laws that surround us today.

Through all those fire alarms we've suffered, it's clear that not only protecting the alarm button was one thing, but now that there are security cameras on every dorm floor (yes, they are hidden folks!), the rit dorms are not a fun place to live in any more becuase of the security over kill.

I've a message to the persons that pulled all those alarms: laugh while you can. When you chuckle at all your *PRIVATE JOKES* that you can't share with the world, be aware of this: You will face God. When your jokes are replayed for you, you will sincerely wish that you were caught and took your punishment like a student caught breaking the rules. Punishment in the world will seem like easier to live with than the final punishment given for eternity by God. *that*, I will bank on it.

Jim said...

RLM - Unless the person who has stolen my information from the laptop and ruin my credit, I have no reason to sue NTID because no damage has been done to me. I hope that never happens and I hope the person does not use my data from the stolen laptop or any other students record.

Sherlock - I totally agree with you. Unless that person who did the smoke bomb at NTID comes forward now, the person will not have a pretty time with God on their judgement day. I can't think of any smoke bombs that occurred that would be funny or anyone who pulls any of those kind of things is funny for doing so. There is more harm done than funny about those kinds of situations.