Monday, May 25, 2009

CI, Deafness and God.....

From the website with the defintition and meaning on CI:

A cochlear implant (CI) is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing. The cochlear implant is often referred to as a bionic ear.

Deafness is when a person can not hear anything at all with out any hearing devices such as hearing aid, CI and so on.

God is who is the person that created all of us and tests us with everything in life while we are all on Earth. Atheist are one group of people that I know that does not believe in God but that is not the issue in this blog.

The issue in this blog is dealing with Parents who thinks CI is the answer to their children problem that are deaf. Hearing parents wants their deaf children to be successful in the hearing society and think that putting CI on their children is the answer to the problem. That is not the answer to the problem because CI cannot make any deaf child an automatic hearing person. When the child takes off the CI, they are totally deaf again. The problem I have with this is that when a parents decide that in their best interest is that the child should have CI isn't in the child shoes or feet. They don't know how the child will feel to have a CI or what the long term affect will be on that child. Even if they become successful with the CI, will
that child be happy in a very long run? Once that child meet someone that is totally deaf, he/she could get confuse about why the other deaf person does not have a CI or why they accept being deaf?

Be deaf can be a test from God to see if the person accept being deaf and how they handle life being deaf. When a child is born deaf, God wants to know how parents and people deal with a deaf child. I really think God is surprise to see that parents decide that the child should have CI to hope the child be successful in the hearing society. Did God want that child to have CI and live with it? Is that the kind of test that God wants for the child to have in life? I don't know that answer but only God knows.

I have Cerebral Palsy and I have had 5 legs operations. Those operations I know will never cured me of Cerebral Palsy because it is a permanent brain damage. I had to have those operations to allowed me to move some muscles. But I know down the road, I will still end up in a wheelchair knowing that those 5 legs operations will not help me to walk for life.

I am also hearing impaired and use a hearing aid. I could get a CI but I would rather not get one. I was told one time, a CI operation is very risky to make half of the face flat because they put nerves to sleep prior to the operation. It would have taken me one year to recover the nerves on that side of the face and to be able to talk correctly. I know the technology maybe better than that but still I will never get a CI operation.

In my opinion, Parents should think more than twice before they have their child be operated on for the CI. Parents should know that those kinds of operations comes with risk and the well-being of that child. Even if the child gets a CI and does well, down the road, the child might destroy the CI device and be angry at the parents for having the CI. A day might come when the child might yell at the parents saying "Why did you get me a CI? Why can't you accept I was deaf before you had the doctor put CI on me? Why?". That is a very emotional thing that a child can do in the future.

Every disability a child is born with is a test from God to see if the child can accept who he is. I have accept my disability and I know God is testing me. I know that techology is out there to make me be a better person but I choose not to touch those new techology because I would rather accept myself as I am before I die. That will show to God that I love him unconditionally even with what I have.


Kim said...

If that is what you believe, why did you have the five operations on your legs? Why not just accept it as a test from God?

MM said...

I think it would be of help, if references were NOT made to Wikipedia. In the UK it is not an accredit dictionary in many areas of academia, as such it makes it difficult to offer any meaningful repsonses, anyone can say anything on there.

If as you belive God created us all, deaf and hearing, and we should accept the trials etc that go with that, (You appear to contradict here in stating deafness is a trial), then it follows CI's and Hearing aids are also God's will, in the bible God gave man free will, so you cannot have it both ways.

People also have hearts implanted when their old ones fail, (CI's are implanted to people's hearing that has failed).

Anonymous said...

Jim, as a parent who has proudly had two of my children implanted bilaterally, and who believes in God, I find your comments repugnant.

This reminds me of the joke about the guy who drowns and goes to heaven. God meets him at the pearly gates and he whines, "why didn't you save me?" God replies that he sent a lifeboat, a life preserver, and finally the Coast Guard. "What more did you want?!?"

In my opinion, the benefits of being able to hear greatly outweight the small risks of cochlear implantation. My boys have been implanted for years and there have been no adverse incidents or illnesses involved. There HAVE been the following: normal complex speech and listening skills by toddler years, attendance at a typical preschool with no modifications, learning to read and then become advanced readers. No IEP. No special schools. No therapy after toddler years. Really, the only daily thing is putting them off and on, and changing batteries a couple of times a week.

It makes no more sense to recommend we avoid cochlear implants than it does to recommend avoiding chemotherapy in favor of natural therapy. Neither is more acceptable to God. Neither is really "more natural" since God created both. God created the surgeons, and I am guessing that he is awfully proud of the technology that humans, which he created, have been able to make. Just as he wished, they are using their resources to help others have a better, safer life.

Jim said...

Anonymous - I grant your post on to my website as your experience and point from a parents with two of your children doing successful with their CI. I am glad to hear that they are doing well.

My blog is based on an opinion and that I am titled to my opinion. Not all children that gets CI in my
opinion will be as a happy camper as your two children are. Every child is different and I am throwing my concern for those who may not be happy in the future for getting a CI when they were very young. I hope you understand what I am saying here.

Jim said...

MM - You are correct that we can't have everything both ways. You are also correct that we live in the society of Free Will and choose to do what we want. God grant us all these technology to aids us in our needs of hearing through hearing devices like hearing aids and CI. My blog is pointing out that CI isn't for every children that is deaf. Not every child that gets CI will benefit or be a happy camper in the long run.

Michelle said...

Good post Jim. Not many parents are aware that they should not deprive of child's right to life, liberty and property. Agreeing to put a CI in Deaf Child without informed medical consent, violates children's individual rights to freedom choices. I have spoken with a lawyer and he clearly stated that it's wrong of doctors/parents to treat their children like tv set. They do not want to get their Informed Medical Consent fixed. I wish all parents/doctors a bunch of good luck. When their children get older and learn of this truth... They could file a lawsuit against them for eroding their individual rights. Remember Carrie Buck's story.

Jim said...

Michelle - Thank you for your comment.

Sherlock Steve said...

MM: I respectfully disagree with you. if you think there's a better dictionary than Wikipedia for England, then why don't YOU point it out? Of course the authors of wikipedia are hard at work at fixing the problems on that, it still remains a credible source of info as long as it gets verified that it's true.

Second, God created all of us deaf and hard of hearing. But CIs and hearing aids ARE NOT God's will. YOU ARE WRONG! It is the invention of man.

Third, don't you dare equate a CI as a life support for the human body as a pacemaker is for the heart. to implant a device, a person has to give permission for the implant to be a part of thier lives.

when children are implanted with CI against their will and against their understanding, then parents are setting themselves up for a fight when they grow up.

Just as anonymous said her children are happy, she had better enjoy her words for now. When kids grow up, it will be THEIR choice to keep the CI or not.

I know it can be hard to beleve it, but not every deaf CI kid is a happy kid out there.

Jessica R. said...

I think the issue here really is communication access, not technology. You said yourself that you have a hearing aid - wouldn't that be just as unnatural as a CI?

There are parents, both Deaf and hearing, who give their deaf children cochlear implants but then raise them as Deaf individuals with access to full ASL. The children learn the value of Deaf culture while also learning to get by in the hearing world.

You said yourself that when they take off the headpiece they're still deaf - well, some are not only deaf but Deaf - AND bionic.

kim said...

I am surprised you refused to allow my comment which was only a politely worded question. I assume you had no answer. I will no longer read or respond to your proselytizing.

Jim said...

Kim - You have asked me about why I
have 5 legs operations, I mention in my blog to deal with the muscle problem I was having. Like when I was a baby, the Cerebral Palsy was making me cry for one year straight because of pain in the hip joints. If the Doctor had not fix that problem, I would be in pain for a very long time. All the other operation was required to help move the muscles. Yeah, I know taking those operations is a decision that was best decided by the doctor and the parents. But get this, the very last one, I almost died on the operation table.
Too risky to take anymore of those operations.

Jim said...

Kim - Your last blog entry saying you were shocked I did not post your first message. If you had to know why I did not post it right away because I needed time to think about it before I post it and then answer your question. I am really surprise you have no patient. I wasn't being rude when I need time to think of an answer. If you think I was, I apologies but you have to learn patient. You could have left a blog message asking me to answer your question through an email address if you wanted an answer politely why I have not post it. I hope you understand that.

Jim said...

Jessica R - Without the CI, the ear isn't bionic like it can hear without the CI. So that means the bionic depends on the CI to work.

Kim said...

Jim Thank you for answering finally. Naturally I was confused why it took so long for you to respond even though you answered several other comments that were posted after mine.

I disagree with you on what God thinks about the CI or Deafness. I am not saying you are wrong and I am right. I am only saying that I disagree. We do not have the same beliefs. I have outlined why I believe differently in my own blog.

You must be aware that most parents in the US have their infant sons circumcised and there's really no medical reason for doing so. In fact, some newborns experience serious complications with that as well, and it's only done for looks. I have to wonder how the Deaf community views that procedure?

Jim said...

Kim - You and I have one thing in common here. Agree to disagree on this issue with respect for each other as I hope you agree with that. I can live with that as everyone is titled to their opinion on this subject.

Now you float a question to the deaf community here about they feel about their sons being circumcised and the procedures. How they feel about that situation.

I will post a new blog on this topic as it is interesting as you point out that there is no medical
reason for doing this. That would be worth a discussion.

Anyone interesting in me posting a blog subject that Kim has mention about?

MM said...

Sherlock Steve: I can only refer you to accepted stances in the UK, IT's not MY statement. They don't validate anything from Wiki unless, it is referred, TO a validated (Other) dictionary source, else, it is suggestion, supposition whatever, or as in many cases a political stance or minority view.

If you leave a dictionary wide open for anyone to put any slant on anything, then obviously that will be abused. There are wholesale attempts to re-write what is deaf. All of it suggesting accepted fact when it isn't.

Did not Wiki get terrorists using it to preach anti-American propaganda ? Also, vehement anti-CI activists also put their slant on things in wiki, so as 'balance' or even 'truth' it is very much in how or where you stand on the issue.

I Lost interest when the anti-ci people stated brains leaked, children would drown as water got in through the 'hole' if they went swimming, it got ridiculous. Whilst people are perfectly entitled to oppose anything they wish, once they deviate from facts I don't want to know.

As for children being abused/suffering via CI's I think I'd like to see statistics of that first, most claims seem oriented to CI's undermining deaf culture, and this blog is not the first I have read to use religion to enforce that view, which is a NON issue, and a diversion.

If the point is that CI's are dangerous or harmful to the individual, then culture does not enter the equation..

There are many who will argue all operations carry risk. If we stop them all..... and what about the parents do they not figure in the scheme of things ?