Friday, April 24, 2009

Trust and the Bible...

When you read the Bible in either the Old or the New Testament, do you notice there is a word that is missing that that there are many stories that the word "Trust" is missing. For example, God warn Adam and Eve not to eat the Fruit of a tree or he will be angry at them. Even the snake fooled Eve to eat the fruit. Adam and Eve should have known God was saying "Trust me, don't eat that fruit" but God did not use the word "Trust". Adam and Eve should have "Trust" what God was saying before eating the fruit. Another example, Moses and God had a conversation. Moses ask God to prove he was with Moses. God told Moses to throw his stick on the ground and it will change into a snake. God did not have to say "Trust me and throw your stick on the ground." Moses did what God told him to do because he "Trust" God.

In the New Testament, Jesus said that he will come again. He did not have to say "Trust me that I will come again". It is for us to "Trust" Jesus. Another example when Jesus fed a large crowd with fish and bread. He did not tell the server "Trust me and pass this around as I will feed those people". The server trust Jesus and did not have to ask him any questions.

So the word "Trust" isn't use as often as it should in the Bible but it is in our heart and mind that "Trust" is very well in the Bible. We have to learn to "Trust" God and Jesus as it is told in the Bible.

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