Monday, April 20, 2009

Driving USA...

Just about anywhere you drive, you will surely find someone that is either wreckless
or careless when they are driving. Just the other day, a driver in a classic car
from the 1960's or 1970's was driving very aggresive and speeding on I-95 in Maryland. He was passing people just about anywhere in the four lane highway like
he was in a real hurry. I am like saying, where is the police officer to slow
that driver down. But there wasn't one.

Today, even if I was following the speed limit, a driver would make a left turn
in front of me less than 20 feet onto a two way road. The driver could have at
least wait until I pass to make that left turn because there was no car behind me
and there was no car coming the other way.

Do some drivers care about Red Lights? Do some drivers care about the speed limit?
Do some drivers care if they are breaking any driving laws? Do some drivers care
about they are driving rude or aggressive? Pick any kind of drivers and label
them to any of the above questions I have asked. The answer to any of those
questions for those type of drivers is "No". They don't care what you or anyone
else think about how they drive. They simply think, once they have driving
license, they can darn well do what they want when they drive. They figure, if
there is a way for them to do any of those things, they will gladly do it. If
they get into an accident, they will find a way to pin the fault on the other
driver. If they get pulled over by a police officer, they will find a way to
get out of a ticket and at a least hope to get a warning.

Sad but true as even if you pray to God to get safe driving from Point A to Point
B, you better pay harder.

All of us as drivers can't trust other drivers. Even if we drive at the correct
speed limit, there are people that surely will drive 10 or more miles above the
speed limit. Take I-95 which is the beltway in Washington DC area, what is the
average speed limit the drivers go? About 70 miles an hour and above on a 55 miles
an hour zone. Some will go even beyond 70 miles an hour.

Do yourself a favorite and use your mirror when you are driving as well as check
your blind spots. You will see from time to time not know where or how did a car
get to that surprise location.

Sadly no matter what we learn in driving education, we all have become enemies or
or no respect for each other when driving anywhere. In another words, there is no
respect for each other when driving. Just be careful where ever you are driving.
Thanks for reading this blog.

Update: According to the Triple AAA, they say that 78 percent of the people that drives in the Washington DC area are aggressive drivers. At the same time, 50 percent of those drivers admit themselves that they are aggressive drivers. So there you have it, there are all kinds of drivers out there either you like it or not.

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