Monday, January 19, 2009

Scamming on the AOL IM...

I know of two friends of mine who has AOL Screen names. I will not tell you what their screen names are but both of their AOL IM screen names has been stolen by another person.

When I spoke with one of them, here is how I know the person is a hacker and not the real person:

Them: Hey
Me: Hi
Them: Have you heard of Mr. Allen of the Government?
Me: Who?
Them: He is the person that works in the Government.
Me: Sorry, I don't know and what are you talking about?
Them: Well, I met Mr. Allen yesterday and he was a nice guy. He said I will be getting $ 90.000 via UPS very soon.

-- Or --

Them: Hi
Me. Hi
Them: I am going to be very rich soon?
Me: Oh, I though you were looking for a job?
Them: No, I am going on a vacation very soon?
Me: How can you do that if you have not gotten a job?
Them: I will soon be receiving $ 90,000 via UPS very soon.

They are two different screen names and sounds very much of the same person telling the same story of getting $ 90,000 via UPS. Do you know where those conversation message is going to lead to? They will lead you to believe that they are getting money and will beg you for your information like your account number and so on so they can help you get money. But that will never happen. Their goal is to steal your identity like they did with other people through hacking through their AOL IM screen name.

I did call the real person that own the AOL IM screen name and they have told me that someone else has stole their AOL IM screen name for scamming.

If you want to protect yourself through the AOL and the AOL IM names, don't store your password on the system. The hackers are out there to try to steal your password and will steal your identity to scam other people. If you have suspect your AOL IM screen name has been stolen, call AOL immediately to tell them that someone has stole your identity. You can then create a new screen name and inform all the people you know to tell them of your new screen name and to tell them to ignore your old screen name.

To the hackers and scamming people that are reading this blog. If you think you can get away with this and try to scam people, think twice of your action. If you get caught and evidence are against you, you will be enjoying being in jail and be torture by other inmates in prison. You will lose your identity of who you are while you are in prison. You will lose a lot more that you will regret it when you go the prison. If you never get caught and passed away, be prepared to answer about this scamming on your judgement day. Every single action you are doing is being record and everything you do in life is being recorded.

Scamming other people are no joke and it is definitely a one way ticket to Jail or one messy ugly Judgement Day when you die. You will regret it and consider this as a warning. I would think twice of doing this action if I were you.