Friday, January 2, 2009

Personal Issues that should concern everyone....

This isn't a deaf related issue but it is an issue that people should be concern and
well aware of.

This isn't a bathroom joke but a serious issues as far as going to the Bathroom and
leaving the bathroom. How many of you that are reading this goes to the Bathroom
just about anywhere and don't wash your hands when you leave the Bathroom? Raise your
hands if you are one of them.

I know I can't see through the computer of who has or who has not raised their hands
on this question. Just be honest to yourself and answer this question.

This recent Monday, I went to use the Bathroom at Boston Market. While I was in the bathroom to wait to use the toilet. Two teenagers boys were in there. They both left without washing there hands. While I was in there going to the bathroom. A man goes in there to use the bathroom but also left without washing his hands as well.
The same thing happen at my work's bathroom. While I was there, two different men went to use the bathroom but left the bathroom without washing their hands.

So, why don't people want to wash their hands after using the Bathroom? Are they trying to get themselves and other people sick? Are they enjoying spreading germs from their hands through other people by shaking hands and so on? Are they trying to introduced themselves to Pink Eyes?

Yes, a dirty hands rubbing the eyes can spread germs and cause a Pink Eye. Why don't people care about themselves and simply take the time to wash their hands while they
are in the bathroom? It never hurts to take about a minute to wash and dry the hands in the bathroom.

Can you trust people that shake your hands and not aware they did not wash their hands in the bathroom? Or if they simply give you a hug and lay their hands on your neck or bare arms and spread germs.

I wash my hands when I go to the bathroom. It helps keep my hands from having any germs and prevent me from spreading germs.

I know this blog message might be worthless but washing your hands in the bathroom
will not only keep your hands clean but also prevent you or others from getting sick. I would appreciated if you are consider of others and of yourself to washing
your hands in the bathroom. I know that nobody should be telling you to do that but I am sure you have learned from your parents or others while growing up the
important of washing your hands in the bathroom or when you are at a sink.


Anonymous said...

Gross topic, but worthy. Shucks on the low readership turnout. This needs to change at Deafread. Hope you have other places to submit this to.

It is all about awareness and CARING about others.

My teen friend does not wash his hands, but his dad always makes him wash his hands. He lies saying he washes his hands. His dad has to smell his hands and sure enough, can smell his hands that he wiped his butt. Got mad at him for lying and told him to wash his hands.

He was surprised. Of course, he cannot smell. His nose is deaf.

Months later, he came over my place to play monopoly. He had to use the bathroom. Number 2 he said. He returned, I told him to wash his hands, because I do not want his fecal matter to contaminate my board game. He said he did. I felt his hands, dry, not damp, smelt it, stinks. Made him wash it, with soap. Gross (dang, I just realized that I did not wash my hands after feeling his hands. Dang! anyway).

Why do people not wash their hands? It is because, they are comfortable with themselves. Scratch themselves, eat their own food in the privacy of their home. They develop nasty and bad habits out of their own home. In public, they do not care, nor are they aware of the gross nature of leaving, or touching those fecal matters they do not see. Wash hands, use towel to turn of water, use towel to open door, etc.

Another story if you do not mind.

1992, bar, my birthday. I met a guy who was drunk at a bar, he wanted to talk to me. After going to the bathroom, he came out, wanted to shake hands with me, I saw a blob of his own waste, for a better word on parts of his fingers. I refuse it. Told the bartender he was bothering me, pointed to his hands.

I think bar environment is worst as drunk wants to hurry back for another drink, or dance.

I need to wash my hands with soap, after typing this up. Pardon me.


Jim said...


If you go to Gallaudet bathroom,
they post suggestion washing the hands throughly and using a paper towel to open the bathroom door on the way out to prevent germs.

It is a gross topic but it makes
me sick to see people go to the
bathroom and walk out without
even washing their hands or
putting the hands under the
water. I have seen people just
walking out and use their bare
hands to open the door without
not bothering washing their hands
or using the sink.

I am sorry you feel it is a
gross topic but I had to share
it to hope others will think
twice and washing their hands
after going to the bathroom
and using a paper towel to open
the door on the way out of the
bathroom as well. It is better
to be safe than sorry as well
as healthy than being sick.

Anonymous said...

Do not apologize. It was just a commentary on my part. Just remember, I also said, "but worthy".

"Shucks on the low readership turnout..." means that I wish more people would read this in Deafread. Not in 'Extra'. Oh well.

I agree with you all the way that people need to be aware of this.

I have never seen a sign in any bathroom telling people to use a towel to open the doors. Gallaudet has that? Interesting. I like to see more of that.

Maybe to increase awareness, we should print that: Please wash your hands and use paper towel to open door on way out.

Then tape them to the door, go to city council and have them make signs and place them on all city owned property.

Another great idea, we who wash our hands see others walk out without washing their hands, should call them out and remind them (nicely) to wash their hands. Plenty of soap and towels. We can do our part, huh? Worth a try to become an activist.


Jim said...


Even if you go somewhere and
post it, someone will rip it down.

It is best just to be knowledge
and share with others the

You should do this yourself
when you go to places, wash
your hands and use a paper towel
on the way out. Others may learn
that is the wise thing to do and
pass it on others.