Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nursing Home and the Holiday...

I do know that Christmas is coming up on December 25th. When I was in High School, I used to be a member of a club called "Vocational Industrial Club of America" (VICA). Learn more about the club here is the link:

While I was a member of the club, I told the sponsor (teacher) of an idea to go visit a Nursing home to sing Christmas songs and wish them a Happy Holiday. The VICA and me went to visit a nursing home and did just as I have said.

For those of you that are reading this during the holiday, this is something you should be doing, you should be visiting a nursing home and go visit the old people there. Why? Because some of them are lonely and don't have anyone that would visit them. Some of them are the last one in their family line and don't have anymore family members. Some of them are sad and lonely thinking that nobody outside the nursing home cares about them.

The people in the nursing home are from another generation that work in their lifes to help keep things growing in the United States. Some of them are from an old war and they should be honor to keep the United States from harm. Maybe some of them were in World War II and help protect the United States from losing to Germany. If the United States did not go to war in World War II, all the disability people would have been killed as Hitler does not like disability people.

Someday you or someone you know will even up in the nursing home after doing work in the community. Would you wanted someone to visit you in the nursing home or just wanted to be left alone? People young and old can be friends. Friendship has no age. I do understand some of the patients in the nursing home may have Alzheimer's Disease. You may think they would not want anyone to visit them because of their memories. But in their mind, they still have some memory that they may remember you from visiting them from time to time. They will feel appreciated at the end in after life. In another words, they will have comfort to know that someone cares about them in the nursing home on the last stage of their life. They will realized that being in a nursing home isn't bad as long as someone shows cares for them. The staff at the nursing home don't have time to visit people or just plain lazy.

Shame on lazy staff members but the old people in the nursing home are human being just like us but only older. They have nothing to be ashame of.

Talk with some people and see if someone wants to go with you to the nursing home. You can call the nursing home and ask them if you can visit as a visitor to see if people there would like some company. Maybe you could play chess with one of old people ahd cheer them up. They will feel appreciated for what you have done.

I hope you give this some thoughts and visit a nursing home. Like in the Bible, Jesus said "I was sick and you visit me". They may not be sick in the nursing home but Jesus would bless you for helping others.

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