Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Accepting of being Disability...

I know a while back I wrote a blog saying that being disability does not mean that I am disabled but an Enabled person.

This topic deals with the fact that I accept having Cerebral Palsy (CP) since I am born with CP. I accept having a Hearing loss as I would admit I am deaf without the hearing aid. I accept that I have Eczema but yet it isn't something that is easy to get rid of. I also have Asthma but not very often. I will explain all these things below.

With CP, I have had 5 different legs operations to simply help me walk and move my muscles. I use a cane to help me walk in different places and when I need it. The cane has been and will always be my friend. Why do I call the Cane my friend? Because it is there to help me get around and to help prevent me from falling down. There is nothing embarrassing of having a cane. There is nothing embarrassing for any people with CP to use any kind of Aids to get around no matter what they use. Whatever CP used to get around should be proud of themselves. They don't have to worry about about getting stuck or be boring in one location. If you ask me if there is such an operation to cure CP and the answer to that question is no. CP is a muscle and nerves damage that is actually located in the brain. What CP does to a person is that the muscle and nerves system could have miscommunication between the nerves system and the muscle to cause the person to fall. For example, trying to walk to a step onto the sidewalk from the street, the brain will tell the legs to lift up to go up the step but the person can fall for misjudging when to lift the leg or the wrong height in lifting the leg causing the person to fall. Another example is walking on the walking and your shoe hit a bump of the sidewalk could cause the person to fall. People who don't have CP walk normal and have no balance problem. People with CP can have balance problem when trying to walk straight, walking up the hill and so on.

I am hearing impaired and I do have a hearing aid in my left ear to hear sounds. My right ear is totally deaf. With the hearing aid, I can communicate one to one with another person. I can hear the TV while reading Closed Captions, I can listen to music as to understand some words. I really enjoy listening to Neil Diamond music. I also listen other music including such group like Steely Dan, Alabama, Chicago, and some other music as well. I do enjoy watching TV Programs such as Chuck, Knight Rider, sports and so on. Without my hearing aid, I am totally deaf. Even with being deaf, of course I don't need sounds to understand the TV as I can read the Closed Caption. I am not ashamed to say I am a deaf person even through I use a hearing aid. If this was way back in the Old West Time and so on in a Time Machine, I would definitely be deaf without any aids. I admit I am spoiled with a hearing aid but I live without it.

With Eczema, I only had it for only about 11 years. I have no clue how I got it but I have it. I went to see the Doctor and the doctor say it is something I inhertage but I have no idea who from or why this late in life. It was worst and now it is only to some small parts of my body than before. Of course I do have medicine cream for it.

Asthma is one other thing I have. I don't get it very often and I have not had an Asthma attack for a long time. It is manageable and something that I can control.

So why am I mentioning all these things in detail and why do I accept every different kinds of problem I am having? What is the point of all this in my blog?

The point of my blog is no matter what kind of condition I have, I don't put myself down about it. I know there could be other person that either better or worst than me. But you know what? I don't care because I am unique. All these things I have is definitely a test from God. To show God that I accept these things is my way of telling God that I love him no matter what I have. No, again, I never consider myself as actually disability like I am disable and can't do anything about what I have. I consider myself Enable and that I can deal with what I have. I accept what I have and again I actual do live with everything I have. As I can deal with these things and trust God at the same time, I know I can be successful. I know I will be fine. I know I have support of Friends, Family, and people at church that care about me.

You are all unique no matter what kind of conditions or problems you have. Don't let anything get in your way of success no matter what you have. If you need to get help or talk with someone about your things, go do that. Go get help if you needed. Go talk with anyone that you trust to help you deal with your things. Don't be shy to communicate and don't be shy to reach out if you need help. For others that want to help disability people, don't be shy to say hi and ask them if they need help. Make friends with people who have disability will make the disability knows that someone cares about them. The disability person will feel grateful and appreciate to know that someone cares as well a want to be friends with them.

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