Thursday, October 23, 2008

Disability and Aids...

This one is my favorite topic and I ain't got anything to be ashame of on this topic.
Once you finish reading, you will understand.

Disability and Aids. What do I mean by Aids? I don't mean hearing aids. So what do I mean by Aids. I mean things that give supports to help the disability be Enabled. Without the Aids, the person would feel they are missing something to support them.

Well, what kind of Aids am I talking about? Any kind of Aids such as Hearing Aids, walking sticks, canes, crutches, scooters, wheelchairs, glasses and so on.

Any of those things that is use to help the person be Enabled. A hearing aid is use so the person can hear sounds and perhaps help in communications. That doesn't mean the person is hearing but helps the person in genereally in communication or understanding with the noises. Walking sticks or Canes, or Scooter or wheelchair are use to help the person be able to move around instead of not moving anywhere. Without those things, the person can't move. Glasses to read and to see things. Without glasses, the eyes can't help some people to see, or to read or to do anything with their eyes. I am not talking about without glasses the person is blind. I am talking about people who need glasses to help aid in using their eyes for whatever purpose.

One of the greatest aids I have are the hearing aid and a Cane. The hearing aid helps me with my communication needs. The Cane helps me to walk around in many different places. Without the cane, I am afraid to fall or lose my walking balance because of my Cerebral Palsy. There are places that aren't flat and smooth that I am afraid I could fall. For example, curb on the streets, gravel roads, or grass that has bumps and not smooth. Without the cane, those are some of the kind of area I would be afraid to walk without a cane. Having that Cane makes me feel good and safe.

If you need an aids to help you feel better and Enabled. Use it. Don't be ashame of using it. Don't worry what others may think of you for using it. There are people who understand why you are using the aids and respect you. Those kind of people would help you when they understand what you are using. Like at work, when I use the Cane, people would open the door for me and I would say Thank you. Those who don't understand what you are using as Aids may either ask you about it or simply ignore you or laugh. If they laugh, they are the ones that will learn the hard way someday that they wish they never did laugh. I am not saying they could end up usin the same Aids but will learn from other people they know very closely that uses the same aids. They will learn from them and look back thinking they wish they have not laughed in the first place. Life is tough and life has many lessons to learn from.

So be proud of whatever Aids you are using. It will make you a better and Enabled Person.

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