Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Respect and Accept of Gay and Lesbians People

This post is about Respect and Accept of Gay and Lesbian People. There are plenty of
people out there who says that type of lifestyle is wrong based on the Bible and what other people think. Those who are not Gay or Lesbians but are straight may have never experience it or are afraid to try.

The Gay and Lesbian People are just like all of us. They eat, drink, social, work, in all walk of lifes and also pay taxes just like the rest of us. The only different between them and us is their lifestyle. What they do in their lifestyle or sex life is their choices.

Am I afraid of them or should you be afraid of them? I am not afraid of them as long as they don't force their sex lifestyle on to me. You should not be afraid of them because they don't bit or harm people. What they do is their choices. All they can ask you to do is to accept them as they are and don't judge them. If you judge them, then you will regret it. You can't change what they are. If you judge them, they will judge you the same way. Why? Because we are all sinners no matter who we are. We do things as human beings in Free Will that aren't perfect. We are all human and do things as we want like in a Free Will World. Do we know that God is watching all of us? Of course he is but he is giving us the Free Will to choose what we want to do. Either they are right nor not, that are the choices we make.

I have a gay friend that I totally respect. He does not preach or force me about his gay lifestyle. He is really a nice person. I don't have any problems with him and the same with him. He doesn't have any problem with me. We both respect each other.

So please do respect and accept people in the Gay and Lesbian community. They will do the same in return to you. Together, everyone can live happy and in peace with one another. That is what God says: "Love One Another As I Love You".


Anonymous said...

Your intentions are good. You want people to be accepting of gays.

Keep in mind that those who believe in the bible are Christians who are to obey God; to go out and share the good news. Matthew 28:19-20. They rather obey God than ungodly people.

Now, having said that, Christians have no idea who they will be helping. God will do the work once the Christians sow seed (spread God's Words). There are some gays that wants to have a relationship with God, but struggles. They need Christians to reach out to them. Other gays do not want Christians to reach out to them The latter have no business to interfere with the former. The latter can back off, the former will welcome the message and learn more, then they will decide what to do from there.

The fake Christians will give True Christians a bad name by gay bashing. I know you did not say anything about Christians, but I get the message from you.

Your first paragraph is little disturbing. Are you expecting straight people to have homosexual experience? You said, "...or are afraid to try." I gather you mean try homosexual experience. Are they suppose to do it? Are you encouraging them? Are you promoting homosexual experimentation?

I do not think they are "afraid". Some may find homosexual sex disgusting, while others have no interest in it at all, or do not even think about it.

There are some gays that continue to tell sex stories which they do not need to share with others.

You are not afraid of them, "as long as they do not force their sex lifestyle on to me", you said. If they did that to me, I would not be afraid. At first, I will make it clear that I am not interest, then if they continue, I will be very upset.

If the gays asked people to accept them, and some people do not accept them, they call them "hatemonger", and that is not right. They judge others too. Keep in mind, that other people have free will to dislike gays.

My thoughts only. Thanks.


Jim said...


Thank you for your insight and
comment on my post. You made
a lot of good points. My point
was accepting other people that
are gay and lesbians. I am not gay but I have gay friends.

As for my first paragraph, I
meant some people may have curious.
Just because a person tries it
does not mean they are gay or
lesbian. If I am trying to
encourage people to do it, no.
It is a free will society and
some people are might be
curious. But people should not
be force to try it if they don't
want to. Nobody should be force
to do it.

The whole point is to in my
blog is to accept gay and lesbian
as they are is all I am saying.

Anyhow, again, thank you BBF for
your comment and that I have post
yours for other to read.

Aakriti said...

It is important to accept gays and lesbians. i do not know why people do not accept them. i mean what is wrong with accepting them. are they reflecting any harms to heterosexuals? see Lesbophobia on The Med Guru