Friday, September 5, 2008

NTID Laptop and being betrayed...

There is big news that a laptop was stolen from NTID that contains more that 12,000 records of students names, date of birth, and Social Security Number (SSN). According to Dr. Alan Hurwitz of NTID, he said that data was being use for research purpose.

Did he get permission of the student's to use the student's data for research purpose? Did he ask students who records on that laptop permission to use the SSN? I realize, using SSN is a violation of Privacy Acts. SSN is our tax payers numbers that is used to identify us when we pay our taxes, to get pay at work, apply for loans and so on.

Dr. Alan Hurwitz did this without asking more than 12,000 students for permission to say it is okay to use our SSN as a part of research. Am I dumb founded to think that make sense? It never does. Even if two people have the same name, they could use a different code or something to keep the person separate instead of using the SSN. I don't think it makes sense to use our SSN for research.

I personally feel like suing NTID for what has happened. To wait 5 days after the Laptop was stolen to hear the news about the stolen latop is bad. More than bad. Very very bad thing. NTID has no business to take my data and use it for research purpose unless they have my permission on a black and white paper with my signature. They didn't ask me and they never informed me they would use my record for research. They did not ask me if it was okay to use my SSN for research purpose.

I will always be a proud NTID Alumni but I will never be prous of what NTID has done for losing the laptop. I do have two demands for NTID:

1. Work hard to recover that laptop.
2. Dr. Alan Hurwitz should resigned from NTID for disgracefully allowing the researching people to use our SSN as part of research without our permission.

NTID knew the laptop was being use for research but failed to safely protect that laptop and protect the data on that laptop. NTID will owe all of us more than just an apologies. How bout they pay for Fraud Protect Service for all those students on the credit card service until the laptop gets recovered? That should not be our responsible to pay for that when NTID was the one that allowed our SSN to be stolen.


Just Me said...

1. Why on earth did they have this info in a laptop in the first place? I read that 1 out of 10 laptops get stolen every year.

2. Did the laptop have LoJack ( If not, why not?

3. You need to suffer actual damages before you can sue.

Jim said...

jumt me - I wish Laptop had Lojack as an easy way to recover the laptop. That is something I never thought of. But to suffer before I sued I would not want to suffer if the person tries to do someting to destroy using my SSN (Social Security Number). I don't want to regret seeing damage and being late to repair the damage.

Just Me said...

Yeah but it's just a fact of life, if you want to sue someone, you need to show how you have suffered as a result of their actions. You can't sue just because something *might* happen. Of course, you can sue anyone for anything, but it doesn't mean you'll win. If you don't have a good case, you're just wasting your money.

Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you, but by being an NTID student you gave your permission to be used in a life-long research study. When you enrolled you signed paperwork acknowledging that you understood your SSN would be used.

LoJack is only useful if the computer is booted and has an Internet connection. LoJack only helps if the person who stole the laptop is an idiot.

Jim said...

Anonymous - I have download the Addmission From from NTID just to see if that statement you mention about giving NTID permission to use my SSN. I could not find it there. Can you kindly show me proof of what form from NTID showing that students gives NTID permission to use the SSN for research purpose? I am curious to see the form. I would appreciate it if you can do that.