Monday, September 22, 2008

Enabled and not Disabled....

This topic is about how people say the world "Disability". Like for example, people will say to me that you have a Disability because of your Cerebral Palsy and your hearing impairment. To me hearing impairment is the same thing as being Hard of hearing but that is the wrong word. Hearing Impairment means I am deaf. Deaf because without my hearing aid I am deaf.

It would be insult for someone to say to deaf people or anyone with any kind of physical or medical problem that they are disability people. Excuse me? Disability? Let me break up that word into three different words:

1. Disability - Not able or not as normal as someone who doesn't have any deafness or medical or physical problems.
2. Disabled - Disabled means can't do anything like a broke down car. The car is disabled and has to be towed to the nearest car shop. We aren't cars and we are human beings.
3. Dis-ability - Means like I don't have the ability to do anything while I am deaf, or have any physical or medical problems. Huh? Deaf people can do anything except hear!

For everyone else, we have equipments and devices to help us to be Enabled people instead of Disabled people. Of course we may have any kinds of disability but should that hold us back from being successful? No. It is a crying shame that people who things that disability people can't do anything are totally wrong. They can't just judge us like a cover of the book. They have to know more about us before they can decide for themselves. They should never say we are disability people.

So if anyone thinks that others that are disability are the same as being a disable person should be careful. There are medical technology and things that help us to be Enabled people. So don't think you are disabled because someone says you have a disability. Think of yourself as an Enabled Person and you are a successful person. You have advantage that they don't have. For example, if they work in a noisy office, they can't block those sounds. The deaf people can handle loud noisy because of deafness, the deaf person can block as well as worry about those noises.

Be Proud of who you are and don't worry about what other thinks of you because of your disability. At the end, you are as much success as they are. No matter what.


mishkazena said...

I like that word Enabled.. I never liked the word disability, nor do I with the handicapped, but didn't know of any suitable word... until now.

OCDAC said...

Our Enableworks Project works well to enable the disabled. Its a program thats getting national attention and very productive contacts working from from organizations that had been old deaf guard covens.