Tuesday, February 5, 2008


On my last post, I post about NTID and now this post is about Gallaudet University which
is the only Liberal Art University for the Deaf. Gallaudet University is located at 800 Florida Ave, NE (North East) in Washington DC. It is about a couple of block to New York Ave. It is one block walk to Subway Restaurant. It is about two blocks away from Roy Rogers Restaurant. There is also another couple of Blocks to New York Ave-Gallaudet Unversity Metro train stop. I could easily walk to Gallaudet from there but there is a shuttle bus that runs there from Gallaudet to pick up people who wants a ride to Gallaudet Univesity.

I went to Gallaudet Unversity from the Fall 1987 to December 1990. I was also at Gallaudet
University during the Deaf President Now Protest in the Spring of 1988. The protest last
about a week but I was only there from Sunday to Thursday. Yes, the Protest was on Sunday
as a starting time to warm up to close the campus on Monday that week. It was huge and
successful Protest. The students were able to close all the gates to make their demands of:

1. The person who was appointed President, Elizabeth Ziner, resigned as the President
of Gallaudet as she was the first hearing woman selected to be the President of
Gallaudet University.
2. The Chairman of the Board, Jane Basseet Spilman resigned as she wasn't a nice person.
3. A new deaf President be name the President of the University. The Unversity never
had a deaf President.
4. That the Protester shall not be punished for their actions as there would be no reprisals.

All the demands were met and it was over in one week on Sunday but the University allowed
the students to go on Spring break that week. The only con thing about the Protest was a lot of fire alarm as even at two oclock AM. It actually drove me nuts not to get my sleep and also
my walking problem because of Cerebral Palsy.

I spend one year form 1987 to 1988 to think about what Major I wanted and I even tried both Computer Science and a course from Computer Information System (CIS) as well. I did not do well in Pre-Calculus. I did not pass Pre-Calculus because I have been out of shape with my
math for quite sometime. So I decided to go into CIS in the Fall of 1988 and I finished the major in December of 1990.

My experiences at Gallaudet was okay but not as great as when I was at NTID. They both
are very different and offer different things. I did not like going to Gallaudet being inside
the City compare to NTID which was out in the County. There were less fire alarm at NTID
then at Gallaudet. Even driving in Washington DC was crazy than at NTID while being a
student at Gallaudet. I even had a roommate that commit Suicide in December of 1989 close
to the Final Exams. The roommate was one of 6 roommates I had in Clerc Hall. He was in
the honor program and I guess he had personal problems that I wasn't aware of. That is
something I won't forget.

If you are interesting in learning about Gallaudet or attending to Gallaudet, here is their
website: http://www.gallaudet.edu/. If you have any questions or comment, please leave
a post. Thank you.

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