Monday, January 21, 2008


NTID stands for National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, NY. I went to NTID from 1983 to 1987. It was the greatest college I have ever attending to. It was the first college away from home and learning not only being independent but responsibilities. I learned how to do time management with school homework, social, and laundry. Once I was at NTID, I can't have my mother doing the laundry for me. She taught me how to do that before I went to NTID.

Before I went to NTID, I graduated from Phoebus High School in Hampton Va in 1981. After I graduated from High School, I attended to Thomas Nelson Community College for two years to improve my skills such as reading, writing and other basic skills. I did not hear about NTID until my Cousin was at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and he told my mother about NTID. NTID is one of the nine sub colleges at RIT and it is for deaf and hearing impaired students. He told her that I should go to NTID and he encourage her for me to apply to go there. I did not visit NTID before I applied. I was accepted into the Fall of 1983.

When I went to NTID in August 1983, I went into the Summer Vestibule Program (SVP). It is a program where I learned more about NTID, take some test for placement classes in the Fall of 1983 and sample different career majors such as Art, Social Worker, Data Processing and Printing major. I was accepted into Data Processing Major but I choose to wait until the Fall of 1984 to decide between Data Processing and Social Worker field. Why? Because in Social Worker Field I could help others with Cerebral Palsy to be successful people. But I did not want to keep going until I get a Master degree to make good money in the field. I went into Data Processing Major which is now called Applied Technology Major.

During 1983 to 1987, I had to deal with each year of snow falling from November to April. It was a lot of snow and I had to get used to it compare to living in Hampton, Virginia. I met my girlfriend at NTID and we had a lot of fun at NTID. We went out to dinner alot, went to plays at NTID, went Bowling on RIT campus. Sadly, there is no longer a bowling alley at RIT. We went to lots of RIT Hockey games and they were a lot of fun to watch. We also even went Ice skating at the ice rank at RIT. NTID was way out in the County and away from the city of Rochester NY. It was more of a quiet college compare to Gallaudet University that is in Washington DC. Gallaudet University is a different story that I will share later on.

Even at NTID, I had my first major car accident that my car was totalled. My friend and I survived the accident. The car I had was a 1975 Plymouth Duster. It was a really nice car. I even learned about living in apartment near my major that was in Building 14 on RIT campus. I know there were many things to learn and many mistakes to learn from. I even learn mistakes in the relationship with my girlfriend in college. NTID is more of a trial and error place for me to learn. I even learned about when another group of religious attacks my religious and that was a learning experiences.

If your parents send you away to any colleges in the United States including RIT or NTID or Gallaudet University, you will appreciate it on the day you graduated that you were glad you went away to college. Take the years of college and hold them as memory of your first time away from home. Take every minute of it and enjoy it even if it is either good or bad times. Because by the time you graduated from college, you can never turn back the clock and wish you could do it all over again. You are giving one chance in your lifetime to go away to college on your own. If you choose to quit and want to go home because you are homesick, you will blew a chance of a lifetime to know the college you attend and your chance to do things without your parents. It was worth it that I did it. My mother send me to NTID because when I went to the local community college near my home, I did not have any friends and I was actually a lonely or shy person. Away from home and at NTID, I learned how to make friends and have fun. I made a lot of friends at NTID that I am still friends with today. One of them that I met at NTID, I broke up friendship with him years later for reasons.

NTID will ways be my first college to break my homesickness, my first time to learn how to be independent, make decisions on my own, learn many things in life and to have fun. NTID isn't for everyone but it will always be my heart and my favorite college I have ever attended to. I plan on visiting NTID in June for the NTID 40TH reunion. It is always fun to go back and see what changes they made and what they added and so on. I know NTID changes since I graduated but it does not change how much I really appreciate NTID even today and forever.

Thank you NTID for what you have done for me and giving me a chance of being a student from 1983 to 1987. You will always make me proud of being there.

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